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Water is a vital component of all nature creatures. As for human, water concentration is 60-70 % of his body weight. All strategic organs, blood, even blood contain water. That's why we should be much concerned about how pure the water we shower in and consume is. It's not a phenomenon that nowadays this liquid is much polluted, and even that one we receive with pipes coming to our house. Most people aren't anxious how pure and safe their water is. But facts below show us that they make an awful mistake, which can cause serious consequences for their health.

Water that enters our house with pipes contains such contaminants as rock particles, mud and chemicals. The last ones are the reason why sometimes people fall ill with cancer. If you shower in this water it can cause skin and hair dryness and fasten aging process. By the way, such water has a specific odor that nobody considers to be pleasant.

Unfiltered water also contains heavy metals and toxins (Fluoride, Chlorine); when your organism is being exposed to these substances for a long period it causes gradual build-up of toxins which can lead to different diseases.

Convinced that you have a need to filter water?

Of course, the most efficient way to make the water safe and pure is to buy a water filtration system. However, there's now a problem to choose a right one. First of all you are to decide what for you need the water filer. If you want to shower in pure water - you need a shower water filter, if you've decided to consume clean water and cook safe food – you need a kitchen water filter (think about countertop, undersink or faucet water filters). But we strongly recommend that you should have both of them. There's an alternative variant to use a whole house water filter, but it has some disadvantages, as needs to be installed by a professional plumber and uses your pipes to transfer the water to the taps, so it can gather some contaminants.

There are also different types of water filters' technologies: distillation, reverse osmosis, carbon block, ceramic water filters and multi-step water filtration systems. Carbon block technology is the most popular and approved method, but blocks are clogged from time to time, so it can contaminate water. That's why, from all these systems we sympathize with the last one most of all – as it uses several strainers to filter your water, so most of unwanted pollutants are removed. Reverse osmosis (also called RO) is not so good as carbon block filters and multi-stage systems, for it washes away vital trace minerals and has low performance – wastes much feed water. Distillation and ceramic water purifiers require more time to process water.

There are approved and experienced water filter manufacturers, specialized in this industry and having carefully designed water purification technologies: Aquasana, Crystal Quest, RainShow'r, Paragon, WaterSafe, Jupiter. Products they sell are efficient and popular among consumers, companies also give performance guarantees for devices you buy.

We have provided you with some information about water purification, water filters and water filtration systems, your turn is to think and choose!

Purification Filters .com Categories Overview

Drinking Water Test Kits
If you want to test your water for contaminants at home, you just need to purchase a water test kit. This device will help you to learn the degree of your water's pollution, as well as detect the names of contaminants, present in it. This way you can also check your filter's performance.
Whole House Water Filters
In comparison with countertop and undersink water filters, which filter water only from target faucets, whole house water purification systems remove contaminants from all water, which enters your house. Whole house filters are shipped with additional cartridges easy to install. Initial installation requires a professional plumber.
Countertop Water Filters
This section gives a small insight into water purification filters' history. It also describes what forms countertop water filters can take and names their service life. Technology, used in manufacturing, is mentioned, contaminants, caught by this technology are recited. The issue reveals countertop water filter's benefits.
Faucet Water Filters
Faucet water filters use a method which is really reliable in water purification. It removes all known contaminants and guarantees that your water is filtered. This water filters are installed easily and don't need much maintenance. Perfect performance is one of their beneficial features. Read more information on the related page.
Undersink Water Filters
These water filters can be used for various sinks in your house. It requires professional installation or some technical skills, but once attached doesn't make much troubles. The system is designed to wash away all known pollutants and makes it easy to receive clean water anytime you need it.
Shower Water Filters
The issue describes what dangers you'll face if showering in unfiltered water. The disadvantages of such bathing are also mentioned. You'll learn what contaminants are removed from water with the help of shower water filters. Some reputable water filters producers are recited.
Garden Water Filters
The category claims that garden water filtration systems are used to wash your plants or clean your animals with pure and safe water. It's also mentioned that contaminants, contained in unfiltered water, can endanger all the living creatures, that's why it's necessary to filter water for your garden.
Refrigerator Water Filters
The section names all the benefits you'll receive from buying a refrigerator water filtration system. The terms of usage are also shortly described. It's mentioned that you'll nearly are to possess some technical skills and there won't be any problems during water filter installation.
Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
Reverse Osmosis water purification systems use a special membrane to filter water. They're widely used for industrial needs. As for water filtration for consuming, it's usually mixed with some other filtration methods, which makes the process more effective.
Fluoride Water Filters
Fluoride is one of poisoning components, usually present in water we drink. There exist special water filters which remove this contaminant effectively. The article describes the benefits of this filter in details, so that you learn more of this water filtration technology.
Water Filter Combinations
Water filter combinations are the best way to save money when purchasing a water purification system. They're shipped together with some additional components for installation, or in a complex of several filters, so that you don't need to buy a filter for another faucet.
Water Filter Replacements, Cartridges
The issue claims that in a period of its exploitation water filter cartridge becomes clogged, so that you need to replace it. In this case you should buy a water filter replacement cartridge. Commonly, a wide range of cartridges is offered in shops.
Water Filters Installation Kits
Installation kits are the additional devices you need when installing a water filter. Without their presence you want be able to process the installation. Such a kit is also provided by an instruction, which makes it easier for you to cope with technical aspects.
Water Coolers, Dispensers, Bottleless Filtered Water
Water cooler is a unit which can provide you with safe, clean water all the 24 hours a day, both cold and hot. It doesn't require bottles and has a high performance level. Installing it you won't have the problems with worrying about your water purity.
Water Ionizers, Alkaline Water Filters
Water ionizers are used to fill your drinking supply with useful minerals and substances, healthy for your organism and tasty. They remove unwanted substances, making water rather alkaline. These devices are widely used in conjunction with water filters, as it makes water even cleaner.
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